I'm here to give you the exact blueprint and guidance

you need to finally launch your


Schedule a 60 minute strategy session to help you get the clarity, tools, and confidence you need to launch and grow your podcast.  


You need clarity, direction, and a solid strategy to grow your podcast:

Here's how this 60-minute session can help you: 

You're not clear on all the steps it takes to start your podcast.

You really want to create a podcast, but you have no idea where to begin  You need help from someone who can walk you through every single step so you know what you are doing.

You need input on launching and growing your podcast. 

you're ready to launch your podcast, but need help creating a strategy to make sure the launch is successful, or you are struggling with visibility and growing your audience 

You're not confident about your topic.

You have passion and expertise, but you're not sure how to package it into one podcast, and you're not sure on what format of the show would work best for what your goal is

Here are the two main reasons my clients hire me:​​


Identifying your niche & audience 

Develop your brand story and how you want to be seen in your category 

Learn what tech you need for your podcast -record, edit, submit, etc. 

Complete launch strategy so you can get listeners from the first episode 


Positioning yourself as an authoritative figure in your category

Getting clear on the needs of your audience so they will buy from you 

Developing a competitive advantage + pitch strategy for sponsors

Create a content strategy to re-engage your audience


 Hey, I'm Lené. 

I help ambitious people to get UNSTUCK so they can focus on getting their message to the world.

I'm the founder of the hit podcast The Gold Standard which was named as one of the top 20 podcast episodes for Black Women by Black Enterprise. In just a few short months, The Goal Standard, formally known as The Glow Up Podcast has amassed over 20,000 downloads, grown an engaged community of over 10,000 career women and entrepreneurs, and incurred multiple revenue streams. 

Over the last few years, I've worked on creating programs to help ambitious women become go-getters. I Understand the importance of connection, which is why decided to create my podcast. It's a weekly show that highlights the grind behind the shine, and shows what it really means to “Glow Up”.  My goal is to help as many women to understand the importance of the journey, what it means to get there, and provide the resources needed to move forward in their business or career. 


I needed direction and a strategy on how to grow my podcast.  What I liked about working with Lené was that she has a great demeaner. Friendly, but still very professional and super knowledgeable.

I was able to develop a growth strategy for my podcast, figure out the right copy to attract my audience, and improve my intro and outro.  We also worked on increasing promotions for my show, and much more. I finally felt like I had some real direction.  It changed the game on my podcast.

Jacqueline, Amigapreneur podcast