Ep 66. WE MATTER - Processing what's happening right now

We're getting weary, and there's a lot happening right now, so we wanted to take a minute to talk about some of the things that we're feeling within our community.   We aim to provide some solidarity and sister-ship during this time. 

In this episode, we share our experiences, share support around what's happening in the US and around the world, as well as providing advice on how we can practice self-care in a situation like this. 


Hawai'i Community Bail Fund

Bail fund run by the Democratic Socialists of Hawaii.

Black Mamas Bailout Fund

Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers, and activists working to end pretrial detention and mass incarceration.

National Community Bail Fund

Split a donation between bail funds across the country.


Relief for jailed LGBTQ people who can’t afford bail in over 15 states across the country.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Community fund assembled after George Floyd’s death, allocating funds to pay bail funds and immigration bonds for individuals arrested for protesting police brutality.

Black Visions Collective

Led by Black, trans, and queer community members, this Minnesota-based organization is dedicated to shutting down oppressive and violent systems towards long-term transformation.

Reclaim the Block

A coalition that advocates for and invests in community-led safety initiatives in Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

This Los Angeles-based fund is paying for fines, bails, court fees and legal support for protesters across the city, as well as medical and transportation needs, and direct BLM support.

Colorado Freedom Fund

A revolving fund that provides relief for protestors.

Free Them All

A Miami-based organization, run by Fempower, freeing people through a bail fund.

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

A fundraiser covering bail expenses for arrested protest supporters.

Buy Black Atlanta

Funds to help restore black-owned Atlanta businesses that were damaged throughout the protests.

Chicago Community Bond Fund

Bail fundraiser for arrested individuals in Cook County impacted by structural violence.

Louisville Community Bail Fund

Community fund providing bail, legal support, and post-release support for Louisville activists.

New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund

Community fund working to bring equity to the New Orleans criminal justice system through providing drug testing, fines, jail fees, and bail.

Baltimore Action Legal Team

Black-focused legal relief and bail funding for Baltimore activists.

Massachusetts Bail Fund

Providing bail for low-income people in Massachusetts.

Detroit Bail Fund

Activist-launched relief fund designed to provide bail for protestors.

Kansas City Community Bail Fund

Freeing arrested individuals in Kansas City.

Neighbors for Common Good

Providing bail for protesters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Brooklyn Bail Fund

Nonprofit community bail fund for Brooklyn’s incarcerated individuals.

May 2020 Buffalo Bail Fund

Funds for releasing protesters in Buffalo, New York.

Columbus Freedom Fund

Helping protesters reach bail in Columbus, Ohio.

PDX Protest Bail Fund

Legal support offered to protesters by The Portland General Defense Committee since 2017.

Philadelphia Bail Fund

Direct bail funding and assistance in Philadelphia.

Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh

Working to bail out incarcerated individuals in Allegheny County Jail. In memory of Frank “Bukit” Smart Jr., a victim of a preventable death at ACJ.

Nashville Bail Fund

A nonprofit working to free local, low-income individuals from jail.

Restoring Justice Community Bail Fund

Restoring Justice, the Bail Project, and Pure Justice have teamed up to raise bail relief in Houston.

San Antonio Freedom Fund

Directing funds to arrested demonstrators.

Richmond Community Bail Fund

Freeing individuals from jail and the burden of bail in Richmond, Virginia

Northwest Community Bail Fund

Bail for arrested individuals across the Seattle area.

Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Collecting donations to bail out black and brown Milwaukee organizers.

Toronto Protester Bail Fund

Generating funding to release and support Toronto protestors who end up incarcerated.

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