The premise of The Glow Up Podcast was simple: interview successful black women about how they did it. I quickly realized that I was uncovering something that we millennials were already beginning to forget: glowing up takes work.

In the era instant gratification and a desire for “overnight success”, we’re all beginning to feel like we’re way behind in life. We can’t help but compare our lives to the success stories of our peers that we see on social media. Couple that with being black and female: i.e. having less access to opportunity, it feels like the life we want for ourselves will never happen. I’m guilty of comparing my journey to my role models and thinking “Maybe there isn’t room at the table for all of us. But after interviewing about 15 of these amazing black women, I quickly realized something. Like me, they’ve been the underdog too.

Take Rachel Hill for example. After suffering from depression and anxiety, she quit her job and flew to Southeast Asia. She’s now the founder of Rachel Travels and literally gets paid to travel the world.

Tamyra Villines grew up in an abusive home with an alcoholic mother. She used that experience to push herself and become a therapist. She now owns an online therapy practice, helping black women overcome mental health issues.

Jasmine Johnson found out she was pregnant right before starting medical school AND STILL WENT! God bless her. She now focuses on at-risk pregnancies and is doing everything she can to help reduce the maternal mortality rate for black women.

I even had my own mom in the first episode. She dropped out of college in her twenties. At almost 40, She left everything behind, took her kids, and moved to the US to go back to college. It was a huge risk, but she’s making a 6 figure salary now.

All of these women had different paths, but they have something so important in common. Their stories were all unconventional. They were all afraid, confused, lost, and struggled at many points on their journey. They didn’t have all the resources they needed at first, but their determination and persistence manifested opportunities and guidance. They were all hungry and focused enough to stick with it for a long time, despite not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for YEARS.

In the age where most of us don’t even have the patience to do anything for ‘years’, and wanting results the next day, these women are giving the blueprint on how to rise, literally from the ground up. This is why I created The Glow Up Podcast. It’s to be able to show all of us that yes we’re scared, we did it anyway.

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