From Ivy League to digital nomad with Taylor Mills

In this episode, we're talking to a close friend of The Goal Standard Taylor Mills about her journey from Ivy league to finding her path as a digital entrepreneur.  

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Taylor grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs, including both of her parents. She knew she wanted to work in business, so she applied and was accepted to The Whaton School, an Ivy League business school in Pennsylvania. The experience forced Taylor to be in a completely new environment with people who came from a completely different background. 

At 19, Taylor moved to Spain which again put Taylor outside of her comfort zone but essentially prepared her for the world of entrepreneurship.  After returning to Wharton and graduating, Taylor quickly felt the pressure to follow in the path that was expected by her based on her Ivy league education. 

Now, Taylor is a Digital Nomad and Online Marketing Entrepreneur focused on helping businesses have 5+ figure launches.  Something that all her professional and personal experiences had prepared her for. 

We walk throughout Taylor's journey of figuring out what she wanted for herself, while shedding society's expectations of what her life should be. 

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Here's what we talk about:

  • The impact of comparing your journey to others

  • How to stay on course, even during periods of self-doubt

  • The real journey after college and the pressure of finding a job in your career field

  • How the fear of failure can put you in situations that don’t always leave you fulfilled 

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