Pauleanna Reid shares her journey of leaving college to pursue her dream of becoming a writer

This week we are chatting with Pauleanna Reid, Celebrity Ghostwriter, Senior Contributor for Forbes and The Business Insider, and mentor. Pauleanna has an amazing story and she uses her story of depression, abuse, suicide attempts and more to help other women through their tough journeys.

Pauleanna knew she wanted to be a writer from a young child however her grades in school cast doubt over her family and she ended up being sent to college by her parents. After 2 years, Pauleanna decided to run with her dreams, and left her college education behind. Pauleanna went on to become an amazing writer despite the odds set against her.

Pauleanna not only runs her ghostwriting company, WritersBlok, but she also mentors young women and women in business through her “New Girl On The Block” platform. It is a go-to resource for millennial women to receive assistance with life planning, career strategies, personal brand development and style advice. With unique teaching methods and a curriculum designed to educate, entertain and inspire women in transition, New Girl On The Block effortlessly converts shy girls into fly girls.

What we discussed:

-Pauleanna’s tough journey through childhood and self discovery

-Her humble beginnings as a blogger

-How Pauleanna worked her way to her current status

-Her advice on going against what others feel that you should do with your life

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