How to walk away from a career that isn’t right for you, with 7-figure sales coach Jasmine Green

What do you do when society has expectations on what your life and career should be, but you don’t feel the same way? - Do what works for you!

That’s exactly what Jasmine Green did when she gave up an opportunity to go to Medical School. She realized it just wasn’t right for her. Just as quickly as Jasmine made that decision, she went from a path of financial and professional security as a doctor to starting over from scratch.

Jasmine went through a turbulent time trying to figure out what she was meant to do. She quickly got caught up in a bunch of dead-end jobs, just trying to survive. Jasmine had no sense of direction, identity, and was completely lost and alone.

She hit her rock bottom when she ended a relationship and had to up move back home with all of her belongings. For most people, this would have been enough to put aside any vision of a successful future, but Jasmine always knew that she was meant for more. So she put a plan in place to live the life she knew she deserved.

Jasmine’s story is so incredibly impactful because no matter what circumstances she was in, she never wavered from doing the work it takes to figure out one's purpose. She had so many career pivots before she got to where she is today.

Now, Jasmine is working as a successful 7-figure sales coach helping business owners reach multiple six figures. Her purpose is to help her clients become who they need to be to in order to earn the results they desire.

The best part of it all is, Jasmine no longer has to continue to seek and search for clients, opportunities, or income - they all come to her.

Here are some key takeaways

  • How to be secure in your decisionmaking

  • How to surround yourself with people and resources that are going to uplevel you

  • Why you need to listen to your intuition to discover your purpose

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