How to ignite your influence as a blogger while working a full-time job with Majesty Acheampong

In this week’s episode I am talking to Majesty Acheampong, an amazing Influencer Marketer. Majesty is an expert in all things influencer marketing. 

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Majesty started off in Charlotte, NC as a pastor’s kid. Those beginnings gave her the comfortability that she would later need to take the Influencer Marketing industry by storm. She started a blog in 2013 due to the peak of interest in her style and beauty techniques. She learned to love fashion from the way her mother used to dress up for church. She knew early that she wanted to help other women look just as beautiful. 

Majesty has since opened up a boutique and run a blog, all while still working her 9-5 corporate job.

We talked about:

-Her journey after college into retail marketing

-How she learned when she felt burnt out and how she had to make decisions to switch up the pace

-Her mission to teach women of color to kill it in the marketing industry

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A little about Majesty:

Majesty Acheampong has created an online community for content creators that features her lifestyle blog, podcast, coaching services, and Ignite Your Influence event. Over the years, Majesty has grown her influence by working with brands such as Pantene, Urban Skin RX, Olay and Coca-Cola to name a few. Majesty has also been featured as a keynote speaker & panelist at many events & conferences highlighting her experience within the Influencer Marketing industry. Majesty now teaches bloggers and creatives industry skills through her courses, podcast, coaching services and Ignite Your Influence Conference.

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