How Mecca Gamble used her passion for photography to help Black Women build their brands

In this episode, I’m talking to Atlanta photographer Mecca Gamble. 

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In this episode we talk about:

-Her start in journalism school that led to finding her passion as a photographer

-How she learned to balance her life and business

-Her journey to realizing that she was working in her God given purpose 

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Background on Mecca Gamble:

Over the last 8 years, Mecca has made a name for herself by photographing well-known brands, influencers and having her work published by popular mediums such as Essence, Upscale, Xonecole, and The Knot.

Her bold personality, style, and worth ethic have allowed her to stand out in her industry and shoot nationwide. She also enjoys helping other photographers gain confidence and clarity in their businesses through her coaching platform For the Photographer™ and hosting an annual retreat-style workshop, porter street, that supports growing photographers with building their businesses on a solid foundation.

Mecca lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Quincy. When she’s not behind the camera, she enjoys running, biking, reading, and cooking.

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