How to transition out of Academia with Fatimah Williams of Beyond The Tenure Track

In this episode, we’re talking to Fatimah Williams of Beyond the Tenure track

who shares her journey through academia to becoming a professional

development and career coach for academics. Finding her own authentic

pathway to a fulfilling career and helping others identify and achieve success on

their own lead to the creation of Beyond the Tenure Track.

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Fatimah moved beyond what she should be doing with her degree to what she

wanted to be doing and knows firsthand that reinventing yourself is extremely

difficult. She created Beyond the Tenure Track to help other academics on the

same journey.

Beyond the Tenure Track is a multi-step process that helps academics who have

discovered the disappointing reality of the career they worked so hard to achieve

discover new avenues for success. You worked hard for that degree, make it

work hard for you in a new way! She also helps prepare graduate students for life

after school and faculty members to take on leadership roles successfully.

Fatimah is now a full-time global speaker and career coach living her dream job

helping other reluctant academics live their dream job. For any graduate student,

faculty member, or PhD looking for advice on how to craft the career you truly

want, this episode is for you!

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In this episode we will discuss:

● Details on Fatimah’s career choices and how she created her own pathway

to her authentic self.

● Differences between cultural anthropology and sociology and how studying

cultural anthropology helped Fatimah understand how people make

decisions in society.

● Benefits of having a sense of self and being able to separate yourself from

your career to keep it from becoming all-consuming.

● Strategies for preparing people on the personal cost and cultural codes

that are involved in academic positions and how to avoid looking “stale” in

your job.

● Details on Fatimah’s career change framework Beyond the Tenure Track

that helps people in academia identify and achieve their dream job.

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