How to talk to your partner about quitting your job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur

I recently quit my job and became a full-time entrepreneur!  As exciting as it is, I feel super blessed to have the support of my partner.  When I first told him that I planned on quitting my job, he was shocked because for him, The Goal Standard was just a hobby and something I did for fulfillment! But it didn’t take long before it was fully on-board, and I’m super happy to have him as a support system throughout this entire journey. 

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A lot of us are looking forward to full-time entrepreneurship, and having the ‘talk’ with your partner about your dreams is one of the first steps that we should take.  Having a supportive partner as a creative or a dreamer is super important, and they honestly don’t get enough credit!  That’s why I’m shining a light on their contribution to our success.  We’re talking about what it’s like to be the one with the steady income and having to be the backbone and support for a creative who’s forging a new path. 

Even if you’re not going into entrepreneurship, but you want to go back to school, taking a lower-paying job, you’ll still get a lot from this episode. Our partners and family members are the ones that are supporting us, and it’s important to see things from their perspective.  

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In this episode we talk about:

  • A look at what it’s like to be the partner with the steady income and the struggles they face. 

  • What it’s like being in a relationship with a creative

  • The best way to communicate our goals and dreams, and what we need

  • How to make sure you’re still working as a team

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