EPISODE 4: Doctor Bae: Vivian Okirie talks about her unconventional path to becoming a doctor

Dr. Vivian Okirie is a resident physician at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston specializing in internal medicine. The combination of being a Morehouse School of Medicine graduate, being raised in Alabama, and still holding strong to her Nigerian roots has cultivated her passion for working in typically underserved populations with compassion and grace. She learned from an early age that not all individuals are afforded the benefits that we all tend to take for granted.

At the age of 31, she finally fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams of being a physician. Despite, the polished way it comes across, she maneuvered through obstacles (academic and personal) that might have halted others along this same path. However, with Vivian’s ability to rely on her faith in Jesus Christ and the overwhelming support of her family and friends, she crossed the finish line in May 2018. Because of her untraditional path, she openly discusses the missteps and hurdles she endured to get to this point on her Instagram (@thenaijadoc). Vivian understands the importance of being transparent with others who also aspire to become physicians in order to change the narrativXe that is medicine. There are more than enough hardships with entering the medical field; she wants to increase the visibility of black, female doctors and hopefully inspire more people of color to enter this profession.

Email: thenaijadoc@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/vivianokirie

Instagram: @thenaijadoc

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