EPISODE 13: Start where you are, then keep moving forward - with Gala Jackson

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What was the last thing that you did that you really enjoyed that made a difference? That might just be what you’re meant to do. That’s what The Glow Up’s episode 13 guest Gala Jackson, did and now it’s her full time job to help other people do the same.

Gala is the owner of Interview snob, a company that helps job seekers discover, articulate, and leverage their value. In this episode, she give real advice for millennials looking to advance in their career. It’s a great double episode because she speaks about working in corporate environments and also gives the entrepreneur element as well.

I met gala when I was in grad school in Atlanta and she was my boss in academic affairs. I was there when when quit and I remember looking at her in awe, and now 4 years later Im on a similar path. So I love that I get to circle back with her and get to talk to her.

Things we talk about:

Finding your purpose

Transitioning from working full time to being a full time entrepreneur

Challenges for new entrepreneurs

Best pieces of advice on how to be successful

The Glow Up Toolbox:

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