EPISODE 12: Quit making excuses - with Jasmine Johnson

Have you ever had a situation happen to you that you didn’t think you could bounce back from? That’s what Jasmine Johnson had when she found out she was pregnant right before she went to med school. She talks about how she had to get over the “shame” and opinion of others to accomplish what she thought at one point was impossible. If she can go to med school with a family, you have no excuse!

Now she’s a doctor specializing high risk pregnancies and we had a great conversation around her story, how she made it by staying focused and relying on her support system. But my favorite part of the episode was discussing why black women are the most high risks for death during pregnancy. She breaks it down for me why that’s happening and how her role is to change this.

In this episode we talk about:

Black women and the maternal mortality rate being 10 times as high

Getting over rejection

Self care - making your health a priority

Working out to Beyonce videos - such a smart idea!

The Glow Up Toolbox


Year of Yes - Shonda Rhymes

The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot

Eat That Frog - Brian Tracy

Start With Why - Simon Sinek,

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell




Beyonce workout video: Coachella 2018 performance

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5 steps black women can do to ensure they have a successful birth

Make sure you’re healthy before pregnancy

Be sure to get prenatal care

Speak up or find another provider if you don’t feel listened to

Bring someone with you to your visits who can speak up for you

Write a letter to policy makers. Patients have voices which will ultimately change what happens.

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