Ep 49. How to protect your smarts by trademarking your brand name - with Ticora Davis.

Ticora Davis of The Creator’s Law Firm talks to us about why it’s important for us to trademark our creations as people of color, and how to get it done as cost-effective as possible. 

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I’m actually in the process of rebranding because I didn’t trademark my brand properly.  I’m sharing the story, what I’m going through, and what I learned through my big mistake of not trademarking my brand in the beginning.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this experience, it’s that the culture vultures are lurking, listening and waiting to swoop in and take credit for what we create.  (not saying that I created the term Glow Up, but a person of color surely did. The owner of the trademark is not a person of color) PROTECT YOUR SMARTS, SIS!  Ticora shows you exactly how to do so in this episode. 

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