Ep 44. How Sienna Brown of Las Morenas de España designed her dream business and career in Spain

This week we’re talking to the founder of Las Morenas de España (LMDES), Sienna Brown. Sienna has always had an interest in Spanish culture, so it was a no brainer for her to do a study abroad in Spain when she was in college. After returning back home to the U.S., Sienna realized she wanted more. Life was good, but she felt like she was getting comfortable, and that something was missing. So she put a plan together to make her move to Spain

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Sienna applied for a program that allowed her to teach English in Spain, as a way to get into the country. Six years letter, Sienna has her dream job as a communications manager, and has grown LMDES into a movement and a business on teaching women of color how to move abroad. LMDES host retreats, provide an online course on moving abroad, and have a community of women who support each other on the journey moving abroad.

Sienna’s story is amazing because she’s literally creating her own path, but at the same time creating a lane for others behind her. That’s what it’s about!

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Here’s what we talk about

  • How to move to a new country without having to give up your life

  • How to start a community

  • Creating a business out of something you’re passionate about

  • How to deal with being overwhelmed with work and business

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