Ep 39. From three time college dropout to running a 6 figure business - with Atiyah McDaniels

Atiyah McDaniels is a 3 time college drop-out turned business owner. The first time, she went for fashion designing. The second time, she went for business. The third time, she went for communications. It just wasn’t for her.

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Literally 2 months after dropping out the last time, she had already started her hair business. People would always ask her where she would get her hair extensions from and thought that people should definitely pay her for it.

She set herself apart by creating a professional, upscale and chic brand right from the beginning. She used her sales skills to bring in revenue and by the end of the first year she grew over 6 figures.

She’s not only in the hair business, but she’s also mentoring young entrepreneurs on how to start and grow their business.

I love Atiyah’s story because she took her life into her own hands. Most of us don’t realize it until we’re $30k in debt. If you’re out there looking for a different path, or you’re feeling like the life you’re living isn’t for you, you’ll love this episode!

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