Ep 38. How L’areal Lipkins went from being unpublished to completing her first book in 21 days.

Today we have the queen of crushing goals back on the show! L’areal Lipkins, founder of Vision Boards Over Brunch is back to talk about her journey writing her first book in 21 days. L’areal is dropping gems this entire episode

She sharing the raw truth about how she wasn’t connecting with what she was writing but then started to follow her inner voice. If you’re trying to write a book, start a podcast, begin blogging, this episode is for you.



Here’s how she wrote her book in 21 days.

  • She got clear on why she was writing her book.

  • She wrote down everything that she learned, which turned into the content of her book

  • She sat down and just wrote, and went back and editing after

  • She focused on what was important at the time

  • She knew she wouldn’t get it right straight out of the gate



Listen. Her book is fire. She’s dropping gems on how to stay on track, how to move from creating a plan to executing it, and why fear and failure are what you need to succeed. For all of you who want the blueprint on how to reach your goals and dreams, this book is for you.

We also get into working together with your partner when you’re both trying to chase your dreams.

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