Ep 32. Transition, Growth, and Impact

In this episode, we’re talking to Christina Duren, founder of Beautiful Brown girls, who talks about leaving a full scholarship to pursue her dream of moving to New York. Christina ended up working at Def Jam, which gave her an opportunity to flex her PR muscles.

Christina ended up getting pregnant and moving back to New York, but couldn’t really find her tribe. It was a way for her to fellowship and find a community that she could connect with. With her PR skills and determination, Christina turned a meetup for 15 ladies to a global network of 23 chapters with 38,000 members!

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The community includes entrepreneurs, corporate executives, college deans, and so many other black women from different backgrounds.

In the beginning, they were not making any money. In fact, Christina was paying for all of this from her full time job. It took about 5 years (including one year of burnout) before they actually made money. Now that’s commitment.

Listen to her story of transition and growth here!

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