Ep 18. Sunday Morning Vibes


Okay so that’s the name we came up for this week, but…

Starting TODAY!! Tiambi and I are going to get together every first sunday of the month for some morning convo. We’re going to talk about what’s going on in our world, some of the things we’re working on, and how we’re going to get there. This week is all about...


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Tiambi’s goals

  • Preparing and completing the pilot for her non - profit program in Kenya

  • Getting her project management certificate

  • Completing the grant process for She Farms

Lené’s goals

  • The 10k Glow Up: 10k Downloads and 10k followers by March 31st.

  • Daily manifestation - manifesting what I want this year to be like, and doing this every single morning

  • Podcast coaching - creating the sales page for my podcast coaching. I wanted the website up and running by the 31st of Jan, and I’m happy to say it’s done now! Check it out here!

Here’s how we’re going to do it

  • Break the goals down - into monthly, weekly, whatever works.

  • Pick a date and work towards it

  • Track the success and (as Tiambi tells me alllllll the time) celebrate the small wins

Don’t be like me and set daily goals because it could make you…..crazy. Set smaller goals and start by achieving them

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