Ep 16. Your dreams won't work unless you do - with L'areal Lipkins

Today, we’re talking to L’areal Jenkins about creating Vision Boards Over Brunch. In 2015, She did her first vision board event, and realized that a lot of women had no idea how to visualize what they wanted, and bring it to life. Now, L’areal helps women to achieve goals for themselves, full time.

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If you have a goal or a vision that you want to come to life, listen to this episode! She’s also shared her resources on how to set goals for yourself. You can check out L’areal’s eBook here.

In this episode we talk about:

Being the only black & female person in your work environment, and making that work for you

How to figure out your skillset and what you’re good at

What a vision board is and how to create one PROPERLY

How to set accountability measures

How to coach yourself

Having faith in your purpose and your goals

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