Would you make a bold move toward your goals if you had a BLUEPRINT?


Real Talk: You've accomplished amazing things so far, and now it's time to take your goals, career, and vision to the next level.  


Start your side business, advance your career, make working from anywhere a reality, or take your talents halfway around the world. 

Do it all, but don't do it alone, or without the tools that can help you get it done. 

Google will only get you so far.  



The Podcast Launch Kit

The step-by-step guide to help you start, launch, and grow your podcast. 

The Content Planner

Use this 200+ page digital podcast planner to create and manage your podcast and social media content.

Free: 5 Ways To Grow Your Brand With Podcasting

 Learn how podcasting can help you grow your brand and build your business. 

The Glow Up Summit: Entrepreneurship

15 expert Masterclasses over these 4 days on all things entrepreneurship. You'll finally get the insight into the practical tools you need to level up in your online business.

The Glow Up Summit: Career

12 Masterclasses hosted by experts curated to help to make sure that you have all the resources and tools you need to make that career move.

#GOALS Week Training

5 trainings for women of color to learn how to adapt to our new normal.  Join us for workshops and sessions on how to stay focused and #slay your goals

The Move Abroad Quiz

Are you ready to leave everything behind and move to a new country?  Take this quiz to find out. 

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